“So, what sets Cook A Curry apart,” asked a customer at one of our sampling events. “Tell me something the packaging doesn’t say since I am talking to the owner”, asked the God with a smile.”

And I smiled back – “you know what , the thing I love about these packs – they are versatile – use it to make the curry as suggested on the pack or get innovative and the sky is your limit! Apart from the regular cream, yogurt and tomatoes, customers have added raisins, cashews, mayonnaise, wine; mixed and matched the spices to create their own recipes.”

“Please can you post some of them on your website – I love cooking; so whilst these are perfect for a quick meal on a really busy and tiring day, I would love to add a bit of me in my cooking..”

“Oh Yes, it is something we are fervently working on. Especially because customers come up with combinations, we have never even thought of! In fact just yesterday, a friend has posted that she used Rural Hot for chick pea curry! Let me get the exact recipe from her and I promise we will have lots more recipes posted soon.”

And here lovely people, is the recipe that our very good friend posted for us, in her words…

“Hahaha! I can never recreate anything I make. I am like those fancy artists :). Wherever my spirit (the non-alcoholic kind) takes me. But I am sure you can turn it into a scientific recipe. I think I used about 40% of the RH standard pack for 400gm canned Chickpeas. Onions and one tomato sautéed (I like a bit of tang in my food), some water, added salt for my taste and some coriander for garnish. And, the most important ingredient – some bad singing while I stirred as the whiffs brought aromas that meant I had to sing!”

Aaha! The secret ingredient – the thing that sets Cook A Curry apart – the song that comes to you when you are cook(ing) a curry !

Come, spread the Happiness…

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