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Cook-A-Curry, make fresh Indian curries bursting with flavours, without the hassle of laborious cooking. 

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How to use Cook-A-Curry mixes

Cook-A-Curry ready mix spices are easy and simple to use.

Just open the pack and mix it with the choice of your vegetables, meat, pulses, eggs or fish – add water to cook and a delicious tasting authentic Indian curry is ready to eat.

Open a Cook-A-Curry ready mix pack.

Mix your veg, eggs, meat or pulses.

Cook and delicious curry is ready.

You can also use the spice mix as marinades to get some awesome grills. Try your own recipes or use the ones shared here.

Indian Curry Mix

115g and 55g

A mix bursting with flavours – this one has no sour ingredients – no tamarind, no tomatoes. Use this especially for egg or meat curries – chicken, turkey, lamb, or mince. For Vegetarian options suggest the addition of tomatoes or yogurt and adding the mix bit-by-bit in order for you to assess the right strength.

Rural Hot Mix

100g and 50g

This one is for the brave-hearts – evoking the taste and heat of rural India. Use it as a marinade for chicken or lamb and grill it – will reduce the heat but still give you the zing. If you want a real kick though, use it for lamb curries or chicken /lamb mince. For vegetarians, add it in steps to your prepared curry and stop when you get that zing!

Southern Spice Mix

200g and 100g

A very versatile mix with a hint of coconut. Use this especially for prawns or chicken. For vegetarian options, use with okra (bhindi), peas, cauliflower, potato, brinjals or any pulses (brown chickpea, black eyed beans ) and sprouts (green gram or moth bean).

Tikka Masala Mix

80g and 160g

Age old recipe of a popular taste, mild, with the right amount of tomatoes, hint of sugar and spices – use it to make Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala, Aloo-Mutter or Gobi Musallam. Don’t sauté this paste – just add it once you have sautéd your chicken or veggies.

Wonderful product. So easy and quick to use. No mess and no faff. The spices cooked out quickly leaving none of the gritty texture found in other pastes. Delicious and authentic. Going to try with different veg and fish next. Will definitely use again.
Diane Isherwood

Our Promise

Along with our friends, family and happy customers, we are proud to present the ‘Cook-A-Curry’ range of ‘ready to cook’, oil based pastes.

Every stage of the preparation is closely monitored – the roasting temperature of spices, the duration of roasting, the grinding to exact textures to bring out the soul of each spice, the mixing and the packaging. The adherence to processes, the care, the love, ensures each packet is a work of art, a testimony to hard work and experience, and an eternal promise of quality and taste.

But most of all, every packet contains that one secret ingredient – the almost passionate desire to make you happy over a great curry!

Bonnie Simester

Tonight we had our curry made by Reshma. The smells when it was cooking were just amazing. The depths of flavours and the whole taste sensation is totally delicious.

We would definitely buy it. Thank you for letting us try it.

Dr Uma

I have always used it in my weird non Indian cooking… It gives a fantastic flavour to the food… Most recently… used rural hot to flavour one pot rice with onion, green Val, and 3 other frozen vegetables… Just saying that it flavours any food perfectly even when u add it to 1 pot to rice put in micro for 15 mins to cook… Fab product… Can do anything with it!!👍🏻👍🏻

Dr. Sheetal Ingole

Actually can’t imagine life without them now… arranging dinners has no longer remained a nightmare now (for both veg and non veg) and for routine days as well it comes as a bliss – serving healthy food which is as tasty and with minimal effort….

We are waiting to hear from you

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