Having worked in India on and off for the past 25 years I have to say discovering Cook a Curry brought back all the delights of Indian dining. Having eaten at numerous restaurants all over India I have to say the Cook a Curry sauces are as authentic as they get. These are not only delicious but so easy to use and cooking a meal takes no time at all. I will certainly be putting in regular orders for what I consider to be one of the best products I have tasted for some time.


love love love it. Makes life so much easier when you do not have enough hours. Lovely flavour when used with yoghurt , fine green beans, baby corn and mushrooms on the hob, best with chicken or even sausages! Congratulations Reshma!!

Aswini K from Middlesex

We got an opportunity to try Reshma’s cook a curry today. Fantastic experience. Highly recommended. Very authentic. Must try. 


This is amazingly easy to cook. Perfect blend of hot n spice. Incredible taste with veggies. We loved it!


I have always used it in my weird non Indian cooking … It gives a fantastic flavour to the food … Most recently.. used rural hot to flavour one pot rice with onion, green Val, and 3 other frozen vegetables …. Just saying that it flavours any food perfectly even when u add it to 1 pot to rice put in micro for 15 mins to cook … Fab product … Can do anything with it!!👍🏻👍🏻

Dr. Uma from Herefordshire – Rural Hot Mix

Tonight we had our curry made by Reshma Kulkarni Deshpande. The smells when it was cooking were just amazing. The depths of flavours and the whole taste sensation is totally delicious 😋. We would definitely buy it. Thank you for letting us try it.

Bonnie Simester – Indian Curry Mix

Hello Reshma I would like to say a massive thank you for dropping your delicious Indian gravy off to my house yesterday.We cooked it with chicken this evening.It was amazing,my partner said it tasted so fresh and spicy but without being too hot for his delicate mouth!!! It was so easy to use.We would like to know how much and where it could be purchased.I would prefer to use your lovely Gravy than the jars full of additives and preservatives any day.I can see this selling very well to people like myself who would cheekily try to pass it off as my own homemade curry.😉Thank you again!

Claire Newey from Parks, Bracknell – Indian Curry Mix

Hi Reshma! We’ve tried one (the one I said we’d try – the bigger, darker packet). It was really easy to use and the flavours were great! We’re still getting better with spices so was a bit stronger than our normal curries but we definitely enjoyed it!

Kerry from Berkshire – Southern Spice Mix

Another shout out to Reshma Kulkarni Deshpande! We had the pleasure of trying her delicious curry gravy/mix and LOVED it! The flavours were fresh and natural tasting – probably one of the most delicious curries we’ve eaten. My son was particularly pleased to find the smells coming from our kitchen rivalled my neighbour Mrs Purewal’s (who’s cooking always smells amazing!). I’ve asked whether I can move in with her until the mixes are available to buy 😁

Laura Jhonston from Parks, Bracknell – Indian Curry Mix

Hi, we had the southern spice with chicken. It was lovely, had more kick than I thought it would but that’s fine. Again lovely flavours, clean and fresh. Really enjoyed it.

Bonnie from Bracknell – Southern Spice Mix

As a student in the UK I don’t have a lot of time to make food regularly, but with cook a curry, it’s quick, easy and more importantly has spice levels which are perfect and difficult to find otherwise! It’s AMAZING!

Raghavi Iyengar

Wonderful product. So easy and quick to use. No mess and no faff. The spices cooked out quickly leaving none of the gritty texture found in other pastes. Delicious and authentic. Going to try with different veg and fish next. Will definitely use again.

Diane Isherwood

Loved the Indian curry mix! I used it with Rajma (i.e. Red Kidney Beans), because I wanted a super flavourful but effortless (for me :P) base for the rajma – it was fantastic, especially after a long day at work. The smell was wonderful as soon as I opened the packet. I then simply added soaked and cooked rajma to the mix, let them all cook together for a bit, and garnished the dish with cilantro. I loved the heat, and the intense earthy flavour worked beautifully with the rajma. I paired the dish with buttered naan one day and buttered (of course) pita bread the next (the dish was even better the next day), so the hearty bread could soak up all that wonderful gravy. My guess is that the mix would also work really well with Kala Vatana (i.e. Black Peas), but as I’ve used the entire packet, I can’t verify it :D. I should also mention that the packets made it through a 9 hour flight in perfect condition, so thumbs up on the packaging!

Ashita S – Indian Curry Mix

Rural Hot Mix is my favourite. I have tried this already couple of times… and I will completely echo Chetan on the authenticity, taste and recommendation.

Alok Vakhre from Milton Keynes – Rural Hot Mix

70 odd guests, tray full of paneer, 10 packs of Southern Spice Mix. In 20 odd minutes later we were ready to serve. I shamelessly told the guests I had cooked it all myself in the morning all hard work, sweat and blood. Jai Ho Cook-A-Curry!

Dr Mahadeo Bhide – Southern Spice Mix

As a busy mum of two young boys it’s difficult for me to find time to perfect my blend of spices to make the wonderful curries that my mum used to. I love to feed my family freshly made authentic Indian food but would much rather spend this time with the kids so I was excited to try cook a curry since it had been highly recommended by a family member. I was not disappointed, in short it is the easiest way to bring incredible authentic Indian home cooking to my dinner table. The packs are very easy to use, with handy suggestions and clear instructions. The prep time is less than 5 minutes and the cooking time is minimal. I am very particular about spices, having always mixed my own and never using jars or packets but Cook a curry is the perfect way to balance home cooking with convenience. The whole family loved it and we are looking forward to trying the whole range and will be recommending it to everyone we know who loves homemade Indian food.

Laila from Leicestershire – Southern Spice Mix and Indian Curry Mix

Actually can’t imagine life without them now… arranging dinners has no longer remained a nightmare now (for both veg and non veg) and for routine days as well it comes as a bliss – serving healthy food which is as tasty and with minimal effort….

Dr. Sheetal Ingole from Kent – Indian Curry Mix and Southern Spice Mix

Cook-a-curry , Indian curry… the amazing and promising fragrance wafts up when you open the pack and fills the kitchen as the curry simmers. No sharp edges to this flavor, it blends with a freshness, completeness and simplicity that life is meant to be.

For enjoying it as I did, pair it with 2013 Flori Barolo and soulful music by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. … all this, while you just stir it gently as it cooking. While eating you can’t help but only focus on the many flavors bursting on the palette…

Warning: Only to be shared with folks you truly love, wasted on others 😊.

Shrimati Damal from UAE – Indian Curry Mix

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