Hope you are all safe and taking good care of yourselves. It is a situation where its easy to get sad but it’s important we keep our spirits high and find things to keep us happy! A lot of our social media is inundated with pictures of people cooking for the first time, posting pictures of exquisite dishes or even routine ones !! Essentially, young or old, male or female, novice or expert, everyone is into cooking!

Checkout our 13-year-old making prawns curry using Southern Spice Mix. Goes to show how easy it is and how anyone can create a delicious curry within minutes with Cook A Curry! So, who will you get cooking today? 🙂

We welcome your videos of Cook(ing) A Curry – Whether you follow the recipe offered on the packs or get innovative with them – send us your videos and we will post them on the website!

Come spread the happiness!

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