The part of the world we live in experienced some heavy snowfall last weekend – snow overnight, school closures announced, about 10 cm snow in the garden – loads for snowball fights and a snowman and best of all a delicious curry ready in minutes when we came back from our snow trip ! Just as we were sitting down for lunch, my phone rang – unknown number – not sure – do I want to pick it up – okay – good mood – pick up… “Hello, may I speak with Reshma,” asked a crisp Scottish accent. “Speaking.” “I wanted to thank you for creating Cook A Curry ! Its been snowing here heavily. I work with a charity for the homeless in our local village. I was out all night helping people on the streets and came back home really tired and hungry. My son made ‘Cook A Curry’ for me; we are just sitting down to lunch and I felt so blessed at getting to eat a lovely hot curry – I wanted to reach out to you now and say thank you! Sorry, for calling without checking!” 

God still makes such people? She was the one who deserved all the praise and thank yous and accolades for braving the cold night and helping the less fortunate and here she was counting her blessings in small things and reaching out to me to say thank you for a delicious curry!

You are our symbol of hope and humanity – our lovely customer from Scotland… from you we learn to spread happiness… come let’s all be part of this journey of happiness…

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